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Teaching subjects

We are interested in teachers of different subjects as long as they're taught in Russian. You write your own course plan. For our part, we recommend that you consider that the students of our school are mostly bilingual.


You decide on the program and its duration. For example, you can create a short course for 1 month or create a whole program for 9-12 months.


You make up your own weekly class schedule. Our recommendation is to take into account time zone differences. Most of our students are in the USA.

Class length

You decide how long your class should be. We recomment to start from 30 minutes for little ones and 45-50 min for older students. If a longer class serves your curriculum better, just extend the duration to optimize learning experience. Just bear in mind that it can be challenging for younger kids to stay focused for a very long time.

Connecting to class

We will provide you fully paid Zoom account and credentials for the duration of your class. You don't have to pay for your own zoom account.


You will be able to add a link to a Google drive folder to share homework assignment and any other course materials.

Placement testing

If you think that you need to do some preliminary testing to be enrolled in your classes, you can specify this in your class description. Testing is not a trial lesson and should be free for the student.

Disputes with parents

All new and prospective students will send you their questions through the website. In case of disputable issues, the administration will join you in solving them. If you have questions about payment or cancellation of payments, you should send students to the administration.

Trouble with students

If a student's behavior is repeatedly disruptive to the others, you can write a request to the administration to expel the student from the class.

Teacher rating

Reviews help you stand out to prospective students and aid in the decision making process.


Instructors themselves determine the cost of class per student. You will be paid 85% of the total class cost per student minus 3% credit card transaction fee.

Revenue example

If you set the price for one student per lesson at $7, the minimum number of students in your class to 3 students, and lesson length to 45 minutes: 8 students enrolled: you get $56 - 15% - 3% = $46.17 for this class. 3 students enrolled: you get $21 - 15% - 3% = $17.3 for this class. You get an idea! The maximum recommended number of students per class is 8 if the lesson lasts 45 minutes. The maximum recommended number of students is 10 if the lesson lasts up to 1 hour.

Prepayment discounts

You control the price per class yourself, however the monthly and semester discounts are set in the subscription system. Students have the opportunity to pay for classes on a weekly, monthly basis or for the whole course/semester. When pricing a class for one student, please take into account this rule: If a student pays for three month in advance, he/she will get 8% discount. If a student pays monthly, the the price won't change. If a student chooses Drop In option, the class cost increases by 45% and your income will increase accordingly. For example, if the cost per student per lesson is $7. Then to get that price they have to choose monthly payment plan. If they pay weekly, cost will be $9.8/class. If they pay for three month in advance, cost will be $6.3/class. You will continue to receive your 85% of the cost per class (minus 3% transaction fee) no matter which payment schedule the parents choose.


You will receive your earnings every month. Payment will be made directly to your bank account.

Changing class price

You can set your own class price anytime. For existing subscribers the price won't change. Only new subscribers will be paying the new price. Once the course ends the price will reset to current price for everyone.

Platform commission

Platform commission pays for advertising, marketing of the classes, paid Zoom accounts, accounting, tech support, hosting, development, legal fees, as well as administrative work of the school staff (processing payments from students, resolving disputes), maintaining and improving the platform.

Teachers from outside of the USA

We are open to working with qualified teachers from all over the world, you need to сreate a teacher profile through our website and we will contact you.

Work permit

If you teach from USA you need to have a valid work permit. If you teach from outside of USA you don't need to have any type of work permit.


If you are teaching from USA, you will receive form 1099 and be paid as a contractor. If you are teaching from another country, you pay taxes according to the tax rules of that country.

What other teachers are saying

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Наталья Агафонцева - великолепный тренер. У неё уроки интенсивные и насыщенные. Она великолепно находит контакт с ребёнком и сразу погружает его в предмет с первых минут занятия. Мой ребёнок занимается с удовольствием, ждёт занятий и к Наталье уже привязался. У Натальи получается создать атмосферу сотрудничества и профессионального отношения к предмету. Очень рекомендую всем родителям ее уроки!
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Ребёнок открыл для себя новую технику рисования, и ей понравилось! Много интересных и разнообразных тем для рисунка. Каждый урок ребенок узнает для себя что-то новое, поэтому с удовольствием занимается. Спасибо большое, Анастасия)))
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Очень сложно найти в США классы классического Рисунка и Живописи. Здесь просто нет такой школы как в России и Европе. Тем более нет таких классов для детей. Дети в основном занимаются копированием и раскрашиванием. Мы были очень рады обнаружить, что в этой школе есть учителя рисунка, которые могут дать ребёнку основы понятия формы, тона, построения предметов в пространстве и основы перспективы. А так же обращают внимание как работает свет и учат как создать объёмный предмет на плоской бумаге. Мы очень рады, что благодаря карантину мы получили доступ к великолепным учителям не выходя из дома. Очень удобно и понятно когда учитель показывает крупным планом как работать разными материалами, как держать руку, и как накладывать мазки. Спасибо большое
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